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Self-guided trekking holidays 2025
Alpine & UK classic self-guided treks
Clients booking all these trips are provided a GPX file, to download to a GPS, to assist with navigation
Select from our range of over 20 different self-guided treks, both across the Alps and in the UK.
Choose a type of self-guided trek from the physical and comfort ratings, to find the most suitable.
We make all the logistical arrangements, brief you, provide route cards, trip safety notes, and map(s).
Our UK office has a full time logistics team, so support our self-guided teams when they are out trekking.
We offer a selection of self-guided routes, for you for trekking / fastpacking / running, as suits you!
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Self-guided Tour du Mont Blanc treks...
10 day full TMB
Length: 167km. Average day: 16.7km & +1000m height gain
D1: Arrive. D2: Contamines. D3: Chapieux. D4: Veny. D5: Courmayeur. D6: Bonatti.
D7: La Fouly. D8: Champex, D9: Trient. D10: Flegere. D11: Les Houches. D12: Depart.
7 day full TMB
Length: 167km. Average day: 23.9km & +1430m height gain
D1: Arrive. D2: Contamines. D3: Mottets. D4: Courmayeur. D5: Bonatti.
D6: Champex, D7: Argentiere. D8: Chamonix. D9: Depart.
4 day full TMB
Length: 167km. Average day: 41.8km & +2500m height gain
D1: Arrive. D2: Contamines. D3: Courmayeur. D4: Champex, D5: Chamonix. D6: Depart. Note that this option is a fastpacking option for the TMB. We also offer UTMB route
4 day West TMB
Length: 69km. Average day: 17.2km & +1100m height gain
D1: Arrive. D2: Contamines. D3: Chapieux. D4: Veny. D5: Courmayeur. D6: Depart. Note that there is the option of missing the Courmayeur night, and returning to Chamonix
6 day East TMB
Length: 98km. Average day: 16.3km & +930m height gain
D1: Arrive. D2: Bonatti. D3: La Fouly. D4: Champex, D5: Trient. D6: Flegere.
D7: Les Houches. D8: Depart
Classic Alpine self-guided treks...
Haute Route, Chamonix - Zermatt
Length: 190km. Average day: 13.6km & +910m height gain
D1: Arrive. D2: Argentiere. D3: Trient. D4: Champex. D5: Le Chable. D6: Montfort. D7: Prafleuri. D8: Arolla.
D9: La Sage. D10: Moiry. D11: Zinal. D12: Gruben. D13: Grachen. D14: Europa. D15: Zermatt. D16: Depart
Chamonix self-guided day treks
80km. Average day: 16km & +600m height gain
D1: Arrive. D2: Grand Balcon Nord. D3: Col du Balme. D4: Lac Blanc. D5: Loriaz. D6: Moede Anterne. D7: Depart
Dolomites Alta Via 1 self-guided trek
120km. Average day: 13km & +740m height gain
This is a 9 stage route that traverses the Dolomites. It does not include any via ferrata, and starts near Dobbiaco, and heads south past Cortina to end near Belluno
Lake District self-guided running / fastpacking holidays...
3 day full Bob Graham Round BGR
106km. Average day: 35.3km & +2640m height gain
: Legs 1&2 from Keswick to Dunmail. Leg 3 from Dunmail to Wasdale. Legs 4&5: Wasdale to Keswick
5 day full Bob Graham Round BGR
106km. Average day: 21.2km & +1580m height gain
: Leg 1 from Keswick to Threlkeld. Leg 2 from Threlkeld to Dunmail. Leg 3 from Dunmail to Wasdale. Leg 4: Wasdale to Honister. Leg 5: Honister to Keswick
Alpine self-guided running / fastpacking holidays...
4 day full Ultra Trail Mont Blanc UTMB
Length: 170km. Average day: 42.5km & +2500m height gain
D1: Arrive. D2: Contamines. D3: Courmayeur. D4: Champex, D5: Chamonix. D6: Depart.
6 day full Ultra Trail Mont Blanc UTMB
Length: 170km. Average day: 28.3km & +1670m height gain
D1: Arrive. D2: Contamines. D3: Chapieux. D4: Courmayeur. D5: La Fouly. D6: Trient. D7: Chamonix. D8: Depart.
3 day full TDS Traces des Ducs du Savoie
121km. Average day: 40.3km & +2430m height gain
Route: run from Courmayeur, via the Petite St Bernard pass to Bourg St Maurice, Cormet de Roselend, Les Contamines, Col de Tricot, and Chamonix.
3 day full CCC Courmayeur to Chamonix
101km. Average day: 33.7km & +2030m height gain
Route: run from Courmayeur, via Bonatti, Grand Col Ferret, La Fouly, Champex, Bovine, Trient, Tseppes, Vallorcine, Tete aux Vents, Flegere, and Chamonix.
2 day full OCC Orsierres to Chamonix
55km. Average day: 27.5km & +1750m height gain
Route: run from Orsierres, via Champex, Bovine, Trient, Tseppes, Vallorcine, Tete aux Vents, Flegere, and Chamonix.
2 day full 90km du Mont Blanc in Chamonix
90km. Average day: 45.0km & +3110m height gain
Route: run from Chamonix, vie Le Brevent, Flegere, Col des Montets, Le Buet, Tre les Eaux, Emosson, Loriaz, Vallorcine, Posettes, Argentiere, Montenvers, and Chamonix.
2 day full Marathon du Mont Blanc
42.5km. Average day: 21.3km & +1250m height gain
: run from Chamonix, via Argentiere, Montroc, Col des Montets, Vallorcine, Posettes, Le Tour, Tre le Champ, Flegere, Planpraz, and Chamonix.
Col du Balme & Mont Blanc
Will the self-guided trekking holiday suit you?
We ask is that you feel confident in the following points. If you are unsure at all about any of these points, then you should consider a guided trip instead.
Navigation in poor visibility, such as dense cloud / snow, or the dark.
Language skills in case of an emergency, or communications.
Security on steep / loose ground and on snow patches for trekkers.
First aid training and medical awareness of common injuries.
If you aren't sure about any of these skills listed above, as a guided option can often work out a very similar budget anyway, and then you have the peace of mind that you are led by a fully qualified and highly experienced guide. As well as showing you the route, they make all the mountain safety decisions, and offer added value in that they can tell you a lot about the local region. Opting for a guided trek doesn't mean that you couldn't do have done the trek it self-guided, but that you want to share the experience with others, make friends, and learn a lot more about the mountains, routes, customs, guided by an expert.

I am certain words nor pictures will ever accurately represent this experience. It was, from start to finish the best adventure I have ever experienced and having shared it with my daughter is beyond explanation. Once we reached the trail heading towards the Himalayan bridge things got interesting and from there on out the beauty of the Alps, the comfort of our Huts and Refuges, the fellow hikers on the trail, the meals shared with people from around the globe all contributed to a once in a life time experience.

Eleanor C , Self-guided TMB

We returned home to Seattle and I want to let you know that we had a wonderful time. Trekking the TMB with our family was without a doubt the best vacation we have had on so many levels. All of the arrangements went smoothly and we were happy with the mix of fancy and rustic. About half the time we had accommodations to ourselves, otherwise we shared. It was a great experience for the kids, the trail was well marked and the weather perfect. Thanks for helping to make the trek unforgettable.

Kathy H, Self-guided TMB
Book early for 2025...

Bookings for 2024 are now closed. Alpine mountain hut spaces are very limited.

2025 treks - book before the 01/12/2024, to guarantee trip availability & these prices.
Why a self-guided trek?
For those who have not come across the concept of self-guiding before, it couldn't be simpler. You guide yourself and all the logistics are arranged for you.
We organise all the boring bits so you don't have to; route information, maps, hut bookings etc. You get to walk with your friends, at your pace, rather than as part of a group.
We have a seasonal team in the Alps, and a full time UK team, and you are given a briefing (c. 45 - 60 mins) by one of our guides, either in resort, or via Skype video.
Our UK office has a full time logistics team, to support our guides and teams. This is an essential resource for you, in case we need to change hut bookings or any part of your itinerary.
Briefings are usually on the day of arrival at either 16:00 or 18:00, unless otherwise arranged at the time of booking. Before travel, we will contact you to book in a time for your briefing / Skype call.
We have a 24 hour emergency and local contact number, for urgent queries during the trek. This level of support is unique to us.
During your briefing you are given new 1:40k or 1:50k scale map(s) for you to keep, of the whole route. We get the latest edition of the maps direct from our supplier for our Windermere shop.
At this time you are also provided with printed route trip notes for the trek. These help you plan your route each day.
The route notes have been meticulously researched and produced by our guiding team. They are informative and also detail emergency escape routes, local numbers, and key information about the route.
We provide the route notes at the in resort briefing, as the questions are best answered by a guide in reaction to current conditions.
Note that the route notes used on self-guided treks are suggestions, and that should you opt to alter any section of the route, you would be operating outside the remit of the trip. Our treks are designed for you to walk the whole route, and we don't include minute detail on how to complete the tour by public transport, just escape routes.
You are totally responsible for your own safety on self-guided treks, as there is no guiding element to the package. One set of route notes, maps, etc is provided per group, in paper format (not as PDF).
Our route notes follow the classic routes, and in some cases a popular 'official' variation that we consider merits the extra distance or diversion.
Our itinerary can start on any day of the week that you choose, so decide when you would like to start your trek, and get in touch with us by e-mail. We upload a private self-guided trip onto our booking system, and then you can book and pay securely online.
Please note that generally we only accept bookings up to two months before departure, to guarantee availability in mountain huts & accommodation.
You receive an immediate e-confirmation and equipment list, as well as an Self-Guided trip dossier. You receive your trip detailed itinerary and walking notes etc in resort, at the trek briefing. Once the trip balance and any extra nights accommodation is paid, you can request to be sent the GPX files and notes, if you intend to use a GPS. These will be sent 1 week before travel, to allow for route change edits to the GPX file.
Booking of the mountain huts and valley accommodation during the trek, made in your name.
A new map of the route, for you to keep even after your trek is finished.
The detailed Icicle route information notes, so you know where to go.
Language notes (if abroad) with key phrases, so you can communicate confidently during the trek.
Emergency procedure and mountain rescue notes, in case of an incident.
Local information sheets, with details about the region and key sights to take in on the route.
Briefing on arrival about the route and kit to take, from a UIMLA guide.
24 hour in-resort emergency contact and queries support throughout.
Discount voucher for use in our Windermere store / online purchases.
Travel to area, all accommodation / food / lodging costs (i.e. price of the half board stay in mountain hut or accommodation), activities & travel insurance, equipment hire, all other costs as required.
Post-booking changes
Changes to the group size after booking will incur a price change if it alters the group size price bracket, and a £50 administration fee. If the group size change is made within 8 weeks of the trip, it will be treated as a new booking, and priced accordingly. All the huts will need to be contacted to alter the reservations. Transfers of dates on a self-guided trips are treated as cancellations.
Any further questions?
A key part of choosing a company is being able to come and talk about your plans with an experienced course advisor face to face. In an increasingly virtual world, we know our clients value speaking to real people, getting open and honest advice. The vast majority of our clients are British, and our office and outdoor store is based in Windermere in the English Lake District.

Get in contact to arrange a meeting, and come in for a coffee to discuss your course in person with a trip advisor.

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