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Icicle RSS news feeds
Icicle News Latest news reports from the Alps
This is our most popular feed, and is maintained by our team in the Alps, with the latest conditions, news, and events. The feed also keeps you updated with last minute course spaces too...
Icicle News
Icicle News Latest releases of Icicle podcasts
Icicle is the first guiding company to have released podcasts, and these range from advice and tips on how to train for Mont Blanc, to trail running, snowshoeing, and the choice of Alpine boots...
Icicle News
If you are new to RSS, scroll further down the page for an explanation of how these news reader feeds work, but for the initiated, here are the links to the current Icicle RSS news feeds...
Icicle News View the list of latest podcasts we have released
Click on the podcast logo to the left to view or download our podcasts. There is a description of each, and you can subscribe to new podcasts.
RSS feeds explained
RSS stands for 'really simple syndication', and is a code that can be read in a free news reader (such as the desktop RSS reader in Windows Vista, or the reader that is in Mozilla Firefox), without having to visit each of the websites that are releasing news and information on their feeds. Essentially the RSS feeds are basic website code that is designed to be read by a computer instead of a person. When you are visiting a site with a RSS feed, your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc) will display a bright orange RSS icon when they discover a feed, and you can click on that icon to subscribe to it. If you are new to RSS or listening to podcasts, and would like some further advice and help, with online tutorials, click here. So why does Icicle use RSS feeds, and how are they designed to help you?
If you subscribe to any of our RSS feeds, listed below, then when your RSS reader (eg Google Reader). Pulls in any newly posted information from the website feeds you have subscribed to, without you having to spend the time to visit them individually. In essence the RSS readers are news aggregators, and you can scan down the list of news in your reader, that may contain popular RSS feeds such as the BBC News as well as any other feeds you have subscribed to, and click on any news stories that catch your eye without trawling through many websites.
Icicle Podcasts One of the reasons that we use RSS feeds at Icicle, is that they are also required for our podcasts, so that iTunes can monitor when we have uploaded new content. Click on the logo to see our podcast page, or you can click on one of the links below to subscribe to our podcasts direct through iTunes or through the RSS feed.

Click for feed
URL for manual
RSS feed

Topics covered by the podcasts include training for Mont Blanc, how to get into trail running, discovering snowshoeing, and the selection of boots for use in the Alps. More podcasts are uploaded all the time, so subscribe to the feed.
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Get in contact to arrange a meeting, and come in for a coffee to discuss your course in person with a trip advisor.

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