"Desmaison Winter" © Benoit, Pascal, Franck 2006
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Winter ascent of the Desmaison route on Grandes Jorasses

Any ascent of the North Face of the Grandes Jorasses is a notable one, but to climb it by a hard route in winter, is in a very different league. This page showcases some of the photos they took on their one day approach, four day ascent, and one and a half days descent. The trio completed their climb between 6 and 13 January 2006, and all photos are copyright to these climbers. The images give a fascinating insight to what Alpine climbing at the highest level looks like...

Day 1

Using approach skis
Reaching the rimaye
First chimney system
Steep mixed climbing
Day 2
View across to Linceul
Start of ramp complex
Rock pitch above ice
Hanging bivi at night
Day 3
Major diedre (corner)
Second set of ice ramps
Delicate mountain ice
Squashed into bivi tent
Day 4
Beautiful sunrise views
Hauling up the sacks
Desmaison's rucksack
Artificial climbing pitch
Day 5
Last steep mixed pitch
Final roof to pass
On the summit !!!
Franck with the kit
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